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Services for Business Owners

Comprehensive post-disaster inspection programs and risk reduction strategies for complex, multi-facility clients such as universities, production studios, industrial plants, and large real estate holdings can be provided. Services for business owners are provided by Structural Focus, a structural engineering consulting firm, under the guidance of SAFEq Institute.

Services Offered by Structural Focus

  • Preparation of comprehensive post-disaster inspection programs & building dossiers.
  • Back to Business (B2B) Program application filing & program maintenance.
  • Sourcing of and referral to candidates for emergency inspectors.
  • Development of contracts between clients and emergency inspectors.
  • Training of client personnel to assess immediate post-disaster conditions.
  • Assessment of structural vulnerability and mitigation strategies.
  • Coordination of non-structural inspections into overall inspection program (elevator inspection, mechanical and life-safety system inspection).
  • Development of seismic instrumentation programs.

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